Vizio PQ65-F1 65" Quantum 4K HDR TV

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    Vizio's flagship P-Series has been extremely well-received due to its smart combination of picture quality, high-value pricing, and outstanding customer service. The latest P-Series Quantum ups the ante with the addition of a quantum dot layer in the LCD panel. Similar to Samsung's top-end offerings, the quantum dot layer improves color accuracy and range over what was already an impressive-looking display and rockets the PQ65-F1 to the top of its competitive set when it comes to outright picture quality.

    The P-Series Quantum shares many of its physical characteristics with the standard P-Series, though subtle differences set the new flagship model apart. The overall design is similar, with the Quantum models swapping out the brushed metal look in favor of a slimmer bezel and more monochromatic appearance overall. The stand is similar to the regular P-Series; if the 65-inch version of that TV won't fit on your TV stand, the Quantum will not either. Connectivity is identical, with 5 HDMI ports, one shared component/composite video input, as well as a single USB port and the standard optical audio output and ethernet port. Closer inspection reveals a cable input, which makes a welcome return after Vizio experimented with deleting the TV tuner for a couple years. Overall build quality is excellent; the days of Vizio TVs being dismissed as budget-minded units are long gone.

    While OLED TVs have been making all the headlines lately, Vizio has quietly refined its TVs and has become a class leader in LCD TV picture quality. The P-Series Quantum looks stunning when displaying its store demo; while this is true for most in-store display units, the PQ65-F1 gets even better once it's set up properly. The full-array LED backlight has 192 local dimming zones, and the aggressiveness of the local dimming algorithm can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. Combined with the color-enhancing quantum dot layer, the PQ65-F1 is capable of deep, inky black levels and vibrant-yet-accurate colors. A professional calibration is always recommended to get the most out of any display, but the PQ65-F1 looks outstanding out of the box and needs only minor adjustments for improved accuracy. This is easily one of the top performers among LCD TVs; the only way to get any type of picture quality improvement in 2019 is to make the switch to OLED and accept the drawbacks that come with that format.

    Smart TV functionality is well-represented with the P-Series Quantum, with the company's SmartCast interface returning almost unchanged from the standard P-Series. Most of the popular streaming apps are present, with Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube available right out of the box. That said, we've seen complaints regarding some sluggish responses when browsing the interface, and there is no option to load more apps if your personal favorite is missing from the list.

    One interesting consideration is that Vizio has chosen to offer the P-Series Quantum in a single 65-inch size; according to the company, there are no plans to add any additional screen sizes until the whole series is updated for its next round. While larger TVs have been getting increasingly popular in recent years, you may want to measure twice to ensure that your living room/home theater setup is able to accommodate a 65-inch screen.

    All things considered, the Vizio P-Series Quantum is one of the best LED LCD TVs you can get your hands on. If its single 65-inch size can fit in your setup, we believe it represents exceptional value for money and is a worthy alternative to the best OLED TVs on the market today.Rating: 5/5

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