LG 50PB6600 1080P Plasma Smart HDTV

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Expert Review

The exit of Panasonic from the market has essentially confirmed the demise of plasma TVs, but LG and Samsung are still playing ball. While LG's plasmas have never been quite up to par with those from Panasonic and Samsung, they have made significant improvements in 2014.

The midrange 50PB6600 is available for well under $1,000, while delivering basic Smart TV capability and solid picture quality. You'll need to upgrade to the PB6900 is you want 3D, but the 50PB6600 offers good picture depth, good color, and lots of picture settings options for calibration. Side viewing angles are excellent, as is typical for a plasma TV. Also typical is the relatively weak bright room performance, but the overall viewing experience is a good one.

Some input lag might be an issue for gaming, but the 600Hz refresh rate and included game mode do help. Smart TV features are only very basic, but makes the 50PB6600 a great choice for those who want minimal Smart TV functionality while three HDMI inputs and three USB ports offer decent connectivity choices. While the 50PB6600 might not be particularly outstanding in any one way or another, it offers a good overall package for the price.Rating: 4/5